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Elite Driver Coaching

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Coached by

competitive racing driver Nick Flodstrom

If you are wanting to learn the basics of driving or looking to find a tenth of a second on track, you are looking in the right place.

Coached by competitive racing driver Nick Flodstrom, you will have access to a whole career’s worth of knowledge and experience. Currently racing karts at state and national level, he is a honed coach of elite athletes and the friendly face of our Young Driver Academy. You will have access to our state of the art facility like never seen before, this includes exclusive track walks and guided track-side tours. These sessions are guided by your own personal goals set at the start of the experience to get the most out of your inner racer. Elite Driver Coaching is the perfect place to start if you need an edge for our highly competitive Endurance league or you want an advantage heading into an upcoming corporate booking. This deeply insightful experience is also perfect if you are new to driving and you wanted some extra confidence behind the wheel. This course will cover safety of track driving, mindset training, fitness and of course, help reach your potential as a race driver.

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What’s covered in our Session?

Elite Driver Coaching can be used to identify areas of improvement and build on your existing skill set. Aspects you may be interested in focusing on can include; racing lines, lap consistency, race starts, braking, track knowledge and learning tricks to get a mental edge on your competitors.

During Elite Driver Coaching sessions, you will have access to our exclusive Elite Driver Coaching helmets and have access to our facility like no other experience provides. The thorough 1.5 hour training session is a perfect kick start to an endurance league career. This experience can be layered on top of itself with multiple visits for an even deeper insight. Priced at $175, you will get briefed with a theoretical component to help you achieve your track goals paired with track sessions. This experience will be available as 1-on-1 or 1-on-3 tutored sessions if you want to bring some friends along, available on a Friday night at either 5.30-7.00pm or 7.30-9.00pm.

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LeMans Elite Driver Coaching
What should you expect?

Session One: (Dry)

Focus Areas: Learning the track
Date Laps F/Lap No. Time Average
06/05/2021 11 9 43.926 52.314

My first session left me with a lot to learn. I hadn’t been on the track before and hadn’t been in a kart since highschool birthday party, which was on the Penrite track. I initially struggled with my height in the seat, my knees got in the way of the steering wheel. I now know for next time to not use the cushion in the seat for my next session. My first laps were all high 40 seconds as I learned more about the track. With a spin into the last chicane after the straight.Using run offs to improve exit speeds and some throttle control I was able to get my time down to a consistent mid to slow 40s, with 10 seconds off the fastest racers of the session. I have a lot to improve on before I can wheel to wheel race with the fastest on track.

Driver thoughts

Session Two: (Dry)

Focus Areas:
Date Laps F/Lap No. Time Average
26/05/2021 14 14 43.917 56.713

My second session didn’t go well at all, with 13 other races on track it made it difficult to set a fastest lap time or consistent lap times. I was pushed over the yellow lines into the final corner of the chicane spun and pushed multiple times under yellow flags. With most of the session spent under yellow flags it made it quite frustrating to keep up some pace. However I managed to get two solid laps in, my fastest being my last. Using the coaches feedback from last session I used runoffs, I felt like I used my throttle alot better, carrying a lot more speed through corners and having more confidence in the kart and my ability. Using Nick’s advice, I found out how to feel more comfortable being around others on track. My confidence built up constantly being around other karts, this is something I can take going into my next session. Leaving with footage and feedback, I am clear with what I need to focus on next time.

Driver thoughts

Session Three: (Wet)

Focus Area: Wet Weather Driving
Date Laps F/Lap No. Time Average
27/5/2021 15 13 49.511 54.598

Extremely wet session, the coach’s advice was to turn the wheel early and wait for the kart to grip and turn. It took a fair few laps to get to turns with the wet track but once I had the confidence to attack corners at speed. Having a theoretical understanding from Nick of the correct steering inputs and pedal sensitivity required for wet driving, I was able to fast track my progress. Spending a solid 5 laps wheel to wheel racing with two others. With others on track it gave the chance to make someone overtakes, one in particular which I was proud of. With loads of confidence I was able to keep up with the coach for some laps even having an opportunity to overtake but decided not to learn more from being behind. The one area for improvement was the long sweeping corner out the back, with limited grip & with the run off not having a wall behind it, I lacked the confidence in the kart to turn, the few times I went wide and braked without fully committing to the corner. This session has given me so much confidence, this session should give me the upper hand while in the dry, super keen to push my limits more in the next session.

Driver thoughts

Session Four: (Dry)

Focus Area: Turn 3 speed, Lakeside corner, Areas to use breaks
Date Laps F/Lap No. Time Average
17/6/2021 14 12 38.061

My fastest session so far, I felt extremely confident in the kart and my ability to take corners at speed. Focusing on turn 3 (end of start finish straight) & lakeside corner. The wet session gave me a great idea of where to find grip & how aggressive you can be in the dry. While gaining confidence in the kart there were 3 big shunts, one of which was most likely going to be my fastest before being hit at the bus stop corner. This inturn gave me the drive to improve and set my fastest lap, a whole 5.068 seconds faster than my best lap time from my first coaching session.My area of improvement for next sessions should be the last three corners, the bus stop I am still breaking for and find myself taking different angles everytime, often overshooting it or losing speed which can cause the final corner to be slower. With a whole 3 seconds to make up on Nick’s best time, I hope these improvements close the gap so we can get some side by side races in.

Driver thoughts

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Meet Nick Flodstrom
About Me

“I am 23 and I race karts based out of Oakleigh Go Kart Racing Club. I have been doing this for 10 years now. During this time, I have placed in the club championship in Tag/Vic Combined Light every year since 2017 and each year the competition gets faster and faster, driving me to my goal….to reign supreme in Victorian Combined Medium at Oakleigh. I’m currently competing in Medium, we will be racing lots outside of Oakleigh this year and hopefully snag the win at the famed City of Melbourne event this year. I am leading both the Oakleigh club championship and the Metro Series whilst holding the Oakleigh lap record.
My racing career has opened up some pretty cool opportunities which include doing simulated heat testing with Red Bull Racing Formula One team, driving an electric single seater for RMIT Electric Racing and working in the Supercars paddock with Penrite Oil. I am also the coach of Young Driver Academy here at Lemans Entertainment mentoring kids from twelve to seventeen the intricacies of racing karts both physically and mentally. Off track I have a Honours degree in Industrial Design, specialising in mobility design. Along with the Young Driver Academy, I coach national level swimmers to achieve their athletic goals. I love being active myself, I swim and enjoy mountain bike riding to stay fit.


Driver Coaching

Calling out future champions. If you are wanting to learn the basics of driving or looking to find a tenth of a second on track, you are looking in the right place.

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Driver Coaching

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What should I expect to gain from the coaching?

Improved lap times! Sessions include one one one coaching, observation of your racing, video analysis and practical examples for you to take into your next session on the track.

Do I need to have raced before?

Not at all, the less experience you’ve had the quicker the gains could be. Rather than shaving done the last few seconds of your best lap times, you will go from not competing in a race to being a part of it.

Is one session enough?

One session will give you a real understanding of how to race, the lines to follow and the techniques that save seconds on the track, like anything though, the more you practice the better you get. Remember races are won in split seconds. Shaving those of is not a drive in the park, they are through grit and perseverance.

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