Mission Control

Bounty Hunters

Bounty Hunters is a solo mission where only one person will emerge the sole bounty hunter at the end of your mission. You must shoot as many other hunters as possible to gain points and stay the red coloured bounty hunter till the end of the mission.

Rebels vs Storm Troopers

This is a team mission where half the group will be Rebels and the other half will be Storm Troopers, your aim is to work in your team to destroy the opposing team and gain the most points as a group

Destroy the Jedi Temples

This is a solo mission where you must locate all 4 Jedi Temples and destroy the using your blaster, doing this will score you a crazy amount of points, don’t forget to shoot other troopers as that will score you points as well.

Things to Know

1 mission $15

Trilogy of Missions $25

6+ Years of age

Our arena uses strobe, lasers and theatrical smoke

For safety reasons customers who are pregnant or with pre-existing injuries will be unable to play.  

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