4 Bucks Party Ideas in Melbourne

Stuck for ideas when it comes to throwing a bucks party? You’re not alone. But the good news is there’s plenty of awesome things to do right here in Melbourne. From go karting and laser tag to virtual reality games and more, we’ve got a bunch of ideas that you will love. Check out this blog from the team at Le Mans Entertainment for our top picks.


1. Go karting

Competition for children karting outdoors

Nothing gets the competitive juices flowing quite like go karting. Why? Because all your mates will be able to test themselves to determine who is fastest behind the wheel. This activity is top of our list because it’s easy to organise and provides for endless fun. Just grab your racers, head to a race track and be prepared for a wicked time. The best part is you can choose from a number of different event packages based on how many people you have and how much money you want to spend.


2. Laser tag

teenage girl playing laser tag

Keen to test your aim? Laser tag is a winner in everybody’s book because it gives you an adrenaline rush like nothing else. Take to the course with trusted friends watching your back or go lone wolf in a wild free for all. There’s no going wrong with this party idea as long as you’re ready to fight your heart out to get the win. Look for a multi-level course that includes premium gear for a truly memorable time. Our tip? Gang up on the buck to really put him in his place!


3. Virtual reality games

virtual reality games online

Look no further than virtual reality games if you want to bring the fun to your bucks night. Perfect for competitive groups that love high-octane experiences, you and your buddies won’t be able to get enough. Lock and load across a variety of different game modes and see which one tests your aim the most. From zombie survival to race against the machine, there’s something for everyone when it comes to virtual reality games in Melbourne. Remember to hold your ground when hordes of the undead come running your way!


4. Bowling

man playing bowling

Everyone loves to hit the lane for a round or two of bowling. So why not turn it into the ultimate bucks party adventure? Grab your best mates and establish the true pecking order based on who can get the highest score. Add in a few drinks and plenty of tasty food to top things off. The best venues will have pumping music, a cool lighting display and some awesome visuals too. There’s no going wrong with this bucks party idea. 


A standout choice for your celebration

Make your bucks party celebration one to remember by choosing from these awesome ideas and you can’t go wrong. To make the night even better, check out all the fun that Le Mans has to offer. We’re home to some of the best go karting tracks in Melbourne and we also host exhilarating laser tag and virtual reality games. Perfect for bucks nights and all types of events, you’ll love everything about what we have to offer.

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