Rift. Raid. Repeat!

Sol Raiders



Earth is gone…

The last remnants of humanity travel the universe, following strange alien beacons. We found new worlds.

Now it’s time to get rich.

The aliens left behind Sol, a power source unlike any other. If you get the Sol, you’ve got it made.

We pilot our combat rigs between the worlds looking for Sol. The winners make the score. The losers are just scrap metal.

Get ready to raid!



Players will play in 2 teams, each team with a maximum of 4 members.

They will play 3 rounds, each on a different map set in the game’s original worlds.

Each round features unique objectives to target, along with eliminating the opposing team, who are also going for the same objective.

The team that claims the most objectives win the round!


Combat Rigs

In Sol Raiders, you pilot a Combat Rig.

Combat rigs are controlled remotely, so replacement rigs can quickly be sent through the Rift when they are destroyed.

Rigs are expensive though. Your handler will might get annoyed if you break too many!

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