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The LeMans Hall Pass is here

With these Winter nights getting the best of us, we wanted to create some fun and action that makes passing the time to Summer, seriously more awesome.

Available Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday nights from 6pm to 9pm. You can book a sprint Kart Race and master your best time on the track, then battle it out as many times as you like in Laser, dominating your friends and being the saviour of the galaxy, or spend hours mastering our gaming arcade, Arcadia.

Spots are limited, so bookings are essential to save your spot for a Hall Pass, don’t miss out!

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Every Wednesday & Thursday night,  Paramageddon is on at Le Mans. This mid week special has become something of a cult following. 

$9 Parma & Chips.  $29 karting in the sprint karts $29 for VR  Use Code: PARMA when booking VR.

Due to the popularity of the event we’d like to see bookings made online, this will save you waiting at the venue!

Book Go Karts now Book VR - Use Code: PARMA

Corona Buckets!

One thing you can be sure of is that after a session racing out on the track, hunting zombies in the VR arena or saving the universe in the intergalactic battle ground that is our Star Wars Laser arena.

We felt that Corona’s on ice at a killer price would do the trick. They can be shared between friends or enjoyed on your own.

One thing you know is that your thirst will be quenched!

Catch the leader rather than a worm!

Get yourself $20 off your 15 laps by getting out of bed a little earlier on the weekends. Exclusively on the Penrite track for 12yrs and up, Early Bird Racing is on every weekend from 10am until 12pm. 

Imagine, with fewer people on the track, the clutter of others slowing down your lap times is diminished. Make sure that you check the leader board challenge back in the venue and see if you have qualified to win a month’s free Karting as a result. 

You won’t be catching any worms, just cutting some laps and saving dollars as you do it!


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