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Mini Golf Melbourne

at LeMans

Melbourne’s Best Mini Golf

Coming this winter

Soon to be ready is our new state-of-the-art Mini Golf in Melbourne. You heard that right, we have purchased an iconic course called King Tutts Mini Golf. A Mini Golf course that is more iconic than Movie World up in the Gold Coast.

In typical LeMans style, we have pumped some excitement into it. We’ve created 18 holes of epicness. This means, that every hole you play, will be themed with some fun and adventure, as well as a green that plays as if you were Tiger Woods on Augusta.

Will it be a little of the Dinosaur vibe, a little of the Egyptian Pharaohs, or is it Kong reinvented, it’s not finished yet so who knows, we’ll keep that a surprise for now.

Mini Golf in Melbourne Upgraded

So not only have we been busy creating a Mini Golf course. We’vecrated one for the kids to play and blow their minds with fun. We also know that secretly there is a Mini Golf champion, in every parent(Like us).

What do we mean by this?. We mean, that every hole has been designed to have some element of fun play. Then a step more with creating the line that if you pick it, you have the skill to nail it, you will reap reward on the scorecard. So no matter if you are playing with your family. Mini Golf Playoff with your mates, our newest experience is sure to be one that has you leaving telling stories.

It might just be chompingly epic….

Made for all ages – for real!

Now you’ve heard that before right?. Something for all ages, so you arrive and it’s really a family affair when you just want to be an adult and do adult stuff. Enjoy a drink, maybe even a dinosaur disco?

Well, you won’t find a dinosaur disco, but Melbourne’s best Mini Golf will have a kid-friendly by-day vibe, brighter lights. Then when the evening kicks in a little looser by night if you know what we mean. We are talking putting comps, drink specials. Even bring your own putter as if you were as serious as to bring your own helmet to our race track. Potentially a disco light or two, that depend how late you stay.

At LeMans, we take fun as seriously as we do a bit of competition, so don’t expect our Mini Golf to be any different.

Excited for July?? We sure are!