Our Number One Priority


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We put the highest priority on our customers safety.

We want everyone who comes to Le Mans to have a great day of fun and excitement.  We train our staff, choose our equipment and design each of our activities with your safety top of mind.

It’s also why we start every activity with a thorough safety briefing.

Like to know more?  Read on to learn how we build safety into everything we do.

Your Safety on the Go Kart Tracks

When you register to drive at Le Mans, before you head out on track it is a requirement that you are wearing fully enclosed footwear, and that you have a blood alcohol reading on 0.0 – why? Because we are all about your safety.

Each of our sessions begin with a driver briefing covering track rules and kart operation.

We will provide you with a full faced Australian Standards Approved helmet.

Every customer’s helmet and four-point harness is checked for correct fitting prior to racing.

All of our race sessions are supervised by safety marshals who will assist drivers on track when necessary; and just in case we will always have first aid trained & certified staff on track.

Tell me more about the safety of the Go Karts

Le Mans operates go karts manufactured in Germany by world leader RIMO-Germany. RIMO has been manufacturing karts specifically for the rental market for over 25 years, and they are widely considered to be the best rental go karts in the world.

Le Mans operates RIMO’s latest EVO-6 karts that have received a GS Certification (Approved Safety) from TÜV Rheinland Product Safety.

Each kart is built from the ground up to ensure your safety and features include:

  • Electronic remote speed control
  • 4 point safety harness
  • Roll Bar and padded head restraint
  • Energy absorbing CrMo-triple tube surround bumper (enclosed wheels)
  • Engine heat shield
  • Fully enclosed axle and drive shaft
  • Fully enclosed brake disc and callipers
  • Padded steering shaft retainer

Plus every day prior to racing we have a list of pre-start checks that are performed by our qualified technicians.

What about the track design?

Safety was a prime consideration when we designed our four tracks, that’s why we included:

  • Large wide tracks with run off areas, something that isn’t possible at an indoor track.
  • Open straights and widened corners for easy overtaking;
  • Traffic light signalling/warning system;
  • Energy absorbing safety barriers;
  • Guarded light towers for night racing;

Plus  each of our tracks is supervised by safety marshals trained in Safe Operating Procedures.