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Rookie Driver Development – Best Go Karting Lessons for 8-11 Year Olds

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Rookie Driver Development 6 Week

Go Karting Course for 8-11 year olds

The Le Mans Rookie Driver Development program (formerly Younger Drivers Academy) is the best place to start any racing career. Every school term, we offer a 6-week program that covers what it takes to become a champion behind the wheel. Our Rookies program is run on Wednesday and Thursday nights from 5pm – 6:30pm & 7pm – 8.30pm on our Rookie track, which features our newest European made electric go karts!

The program is designed specifically for 8-11 year olds who are looking for a fun and interesting way to learn driving skills and providing a great opportunity to explore the fun and excitement of racing in a safe environment. Rookies offers a similar curriculum to our famous YDA for the younger racers looking for a fun way to start racing.


Click on the link to book online and secure your preferred day and start time for RDD 2024. We will be running sessions on a Wednesday & Thursday starting on the 24th of July 2024.

Or please contact our team for more details.


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What is covered in our 6 week Karting course for juniors?

We start with the fundamentals and safety of karting. Then we cover racing lines, which is figuring out the fastest way to get around the track, and all-important braking techniques. Then we move on to race strategy & execution and cover how to work towards lap time consistency, practice rolling starts to test your racing readiness and have a lot of fun along the way! Rookies sessions are run on the Rookie Track, in the Electric Karts. Given its Melbourne, we work on wet track skills & operate in most weather conditions, though we do have the added bonus of an awesome laser tag arena for those really wet nights to build some team skills if required. Each session contains lots of driving with varying drills. At the end of term, parents will race it out in our guardians race, and we hold a presentation where everyone will receive a certificate.

Every week there is learning, practice, and of course, karting in a very safe and highly inclusive environment. We prioritise safety on the go kart tracks, ensuring everyone from beginners to seasoned drivers experiences the thrill of karting with the utmost security.

At the end of term presentation everyone will receive a certificate and trophy.


Experienced Coaches
Running YDA

The Le Mans Rookie Driver Development program is lead by our experienced coaches who are passionate about racing. Our team of course have working with children checks completed and the safety of our participants is our top focus.

We strive to create a fun, inclusive environment to learn driving skills and create fantastic friendships! YDA is the perfect program to learn fundamental driving skills for both road and racing applications. 

In 2024 we’re excited to welcome a wide range of guest specialty coaches to assist our regular Le Mans coaching team, providing expert advice, training and guidance to all RDD participants.

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Le Mans Driver’s Academy is a program that will help build both their driving on the road and racing skills on the Go Kart track. Over the eight weeks, we know your teen’s racing ability is sure to improve. More importantly they will also understand what is safe and what isn't when driving behind the wheel of any vehicle, translating to some extremely important life skills.

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Young Drivers Academy
Young Drivers Academy

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The curriculum for the 6 weeks:

  • Safety
  • Racing Lines
  • Braking
  • Lap Consistency
  • Wet Driving
  • Race Starts


I’ve participated in Young or Younger Drive’s Academy before– should I sign up again?

We may be biased, but definitely yes! Every term will have new drills so there’ll be new things to learn. It is valuable to continue building on the skills, our YDA team spend time getting to know each competitor, so we have lots of repeat enrollments. Plus, practice makes perfect when it comes to shaving seconds off your PB lap time.

What do you get when you enroll?

If you’ve enrolled in the full term for the first time, then we’ll have a welcome pack for you. We’re working on the 2024 updates at the moment!

Will I be able to race if I am under 18?

Our Rookies & YDA programs are where the next generation of racing superstars start to learn their race craft, and it is a feeder to our Junior Race League. Your YDA experience will be a great help if you decide to participate in any of the JRL events at LeMans throughout the year. Rookies is aimed at 8-11 year olds and YDA is for 12-17 year olds.

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