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Friday Night Race Club Competition in South East Melbourne

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Friday Night Race Night

If you love racing, having a good time, and are looking for a monthly social club that is a little different from the norm, then the Le Mans monthly Race Events are for you. Start your racing journey here, where you can dive into exciting competitions and meet fellow racing enthusiasts in a vibrant, welcoming community.

It’s not really a club as such, as there’s no membership required. Think of it more as a group of like minded Karting enthusiasts coming together on a Friday night every month. We have a Junior and Senior Race Series plus an Endurance Championship that run from February – November with 10 rounds of racing.

The event runs as a race format, with a qualifying session followed by a race, but to keep things interesting the format changes from month to month.

Our monthly winners receive trophies and of course bragging rights, but most of all everyone has a good time in a fun and safe racing environment.

Have you got what it takes? See you trackside!

Junior Race League

First Friday of every month

Our Junior Race League is sure to excite our 12 – 17 year old racers out on track. The first Friday of the month sees the fastest teenagers in the area battle it out on track, with two divisions: Rookie and Pro. You have to prove yourself to be a Pro by racing well, being fair, and safe on track. Our Young Drivers Academy, designed to nurture young talent at our drivers academy, automatically qualifies for the Pro League. Can you progress to impress and make it too?


Le Mans Legends League

2nd Friday of each month

The Second Friday of every month, we run our Legends League.  A single person race league where you can race each month or just one off.Each month is a different format but always based around 30 laps of racing, everyone qualifies and everyone races with people of similar speed.This is a championship and a winner will be announced at the end of the year.


Endurance Championship

4th Friday of each month

On the fourth Friday of every month, we run our Enduro nights.  Grab a karting mad mate and come down for 90 minutes of friendly, competitive fun.Each two person team drives a 15 lap qualifier and a 90 minute race.  With 3 pit stops, you can each get up to 45 minutes of driving time (that’s if you share the drive equally!) as you position yourselves to win.The Enduro is run on our Lakeside track in our Superkarts.