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Fun for Everyone at Le Mans

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Established 1990

Heart Pumping Fun

This year Le Mans celebrates a milestone – thirty years since we first opened.

Le Mans is all about adrenaline pumping, heart racing fun. We love racing. Going fast. The thrill of cornering at speed. The jump scare of a virtual zombie battle. The challenge of winning at laser.

Everyone who comes to Le Mans leaves with a story to tell.

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Want to know more?

Way back in 1990,  we opened our first Go Kart track with one goal – let people race.  So we designed a large scale, outdoor track, with big sweeping bends that was perfect for going fast, and made sure our karts were the fastest and the safest too.

We’ve got three tracks now, and racing is still what we love! Le Mans remains the home of Victoria’s fastest karts, but over the past few years we’ve grown to add in other awesome activities that get the adrenaline pumping – Australia’s best Lasertag Arena, and world’s best free roam VR were added as a part of our full renovation in 2018.

Every day, our team’s goal is to make sure everyone of our guests has a great day out.

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next for us?

We’re adding some exciting new activities both indoor and outdoor, all with the same great hospitality and the adrenalin hit that Le Mans is known for.

We look forward to welcoming you to Le Mans very soon.