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If you are looking for a fresh and exciting venue to host your group event, take a look at Le Mans Entertainment – there might be no better venue for a really fun group event activity day in Melbourne.

After all, it’s not just about what you do on the day, but the memories that roll on for every one in the team.

Let us design a memorable day away from the office

Every group team is a unique blend of diverse personalities, skills & interests.  Coming up with team building activities that have wide appeal isn’t easy.

Enter Le Mans Entertainment.

We offer a choice of four awesome, unforgettable activities each of which can be run in a way that keeps the playing field level and anyone in the team can be a winner, as well as conference facilities for the perfect blend of work and play.

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Go Karting – Healthy Competition at speed!

If your team loves a little competition, then time on the Go Kart track could be the right match.  We have four kart tracks, all built to Australian and International karting standards, especially built to provide drivers with a thrilling karting experience without compromising on safety.  

Combine this with your choice of two conference/meeting spaces that can accomodate groups ranging in size from 10 to 200, catering options, and a sports bar, and we’ve got everything for creating a memorable team building day.

Race Package


  • Exclusive track Hire
  • Trophies & Podium Presentation
  • Includes 15 Lap Race
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Race Package


  • Exclusive track Hire
  • Trophies & Podium Presentation
  • 30 Lap Races
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Race Package


  • Exclusive track Hire
  • Trophies & Podium Presentation
  • 45 Lap Races
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Le Mans
Race Package


  • Exclusive track Hire
  • Trophies & Podium Presentation
  • 60 Lap Races
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All Race packages require a minimum booking of 10 people or more.  Included in your package are exclusive hire of the Lakeside Track during your races, trophies for the winners, podium presentation and dedicaterd host.

Free Roam Virtual Reality

Work as a team under pressure

If you are looking for a team bonding experience that’s high adrenaline, completely new, and will get everyone talking, come and experience our free roam virtual reality games.  

Held indoors in a fully air conditioned 200 sq metre arena, your team will need to work together as a squad to fight off zombies, invading aliens and any other competitive threats.  VR sessions last 30 minutes, so they are great as a break out activity or part of a full day out of the office.

Play them all

our VR Games

Undead Arena

The apocalypse has been & gone.Things are back to normal.There’s that reality TV show everybody watches where you can get rich and famous, or die a horrible death.All televised, live, for the world to see. Welcome to Undead Arena.

PVP VR Experience

Earth is gone. The remnants of humanity travel the universe in search of new worlds… and new wealth. The aliens left behind Sol, a power source unlike any other. If you get the Sol, you’ve got it made. Assemble your squad. Blistering, team based combat awaits!


A deadly virus wreaking havoc, creating hordes of zombies that are taking over the cities. Your squad need to do something quick! Prepare yourself for epic battles on your mission to find a cure.

Fight For Your Life

You’ve watched every zombie flick, you’ve read every survival guide and now it’s time to put it to use. Just remember, you can’t hit pause when things get scary… and trust us, they will get scary.
Prepare to discover senses and unlock reflexes you never knew existed, and watch closely as your comrades show their true colours in the face of pure fear.

Race Against The Machine

Enter an immersive, science fiction shooter on a station stranded in the depths of space.
Fight to the death against killer robots as you explore narrow corridors, treacherous lifts and zero-gravity environments.
You will need to work together with your squad to get out alive, and find the answers you’re looking for.

The World Is In Your Hands

Prep your team for a journey through an enchanted forest to take down the Maybee Corporation run by a maniacal genius, Dr Maybee.

He will stop at nothing to create the perfect species!

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Laser Tag

Just good fun

Our three level, all new laser tag arena will bring out the kid in everyone.  So if getting your team laughing & celebrating wins is the goal, make sure to make laser tag part of your day.  

Bounty Hunters

Bounty Hunters is a player versus player mission where only one person will emerge victorious at the end of the challenge. You must shoot as many other hunters as possible to gain points and stay the red coloured bounty hunter till the end of the mission.

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Rebels vs Storm Troopers

This is a team mission where half the group will be Rebels and the other half will be Storm Troopers. Your aim is to work in your team to destroy the opposing team and gain the most points as a group.

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Destroy the Jedi Temples

This is a solo mission where you must locate all 4 Jedi Temples and destroy them using your blaster. Doing this will score you a crazy amount of points, don’t forget to shoot other troopers as well to boost your score even further.

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Corporate Team Days Custom designed for your team

Every team is different – That’s why we’ve created a range of packages that will appeal to everyone in your team or we can design the right package you from the ground up.

Your choice of:

  • Activities – Go Karting, Virtual Reality and Laserzone
  • Two meeting spaces
  • Break out spaces
  • Catering options including gluten free, vegetarian and halal
  • Plus lots of free parking

We’d love to work with you to create an unforgettable & successful day away from the business for all of your team.

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Here’s what our clients are saying

I have attended Le Mans on numerous occasions and find their state-of-the-art venue very accomodating, particularly when it came to our corporate function needs.What I love most about Le Mans is the variety of activities we could choose from, which really allowed us to customise our event however we liked.I highly recommend Le Mans to anyone looking to add excitement to their corporate functions.

Maaaan to say we came away excited would be an understatement.We arrived expecting the classic conference centre: chairs, projector, whiteboards and lunch.We got the message and the team were blown away with the activities.Le Mans rocks!


Is there parking at Le Mans?

Yes – Le Mans is situated on 23 acres and we have lots of car and bus parking available for even the largest group.

What days are you open?

Our standard opening hours are Wednesday through Sunday. For corporate and event bookings the venue can be made available Mondays and Tuesdays – call us to discuss your requirements.

Can you cater for different dietary requirements?

We sure can.  Give us a call to discuss just what you need and we’ll do our best to make it happen.  Please note for some catering options, minimum numbers apply.

Is there a projector available?

Our two meeting spaces are both equipped with screens and projectors.  There is also wi-fi available, whiteboards, and flexible room configurations to make your event a success.

Ready to plan an awesome event for your business?