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Young Drivers Academy – Best Go Karting Lessons for Juniors

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8 week

Go Karting Course for Teens

Young Drivers Academy is the best place to start any racing career. Every school term, we offer an 8 week program that covers what it takes to become a champion behind the wheel. Our YDA program is run on Wednesday and Thursday nights from 4.30pm – 6.30pm & 7.00pm – 9.00pm on our Penrite track, which is our most technical track.


Meet Nick Flodstrom
Running YDA 

My name is Nick Flodstrom and I race karts based out of Oakleigh Go Kart Racing Club. Still currently racing in Victorian Combined Medium, I am the 2021 Oakleigh Club Champion and lap record holder. I am passionate about motorsport and always striving to be the best driver I can be on and off the track. As a karting coach with a background in coaching elite level swimmers, I take great interest in understanding the mental aspects of racing.  I am passionate about helping others become the best competitors they can be. In my 10-year career as a motorsport athlete, I have been fortunate enough to drive a single seater electric car for RMIT, participate in simulated heat testing for a Formula 1 team and work in the Supercars paddock with Penrite Oil. I would like to thank my sponsors for keeping me at the front of the field, Penrite Oil, Motiv8 Training & Management, Le Mans Entertainment, Framing To a T and A-Emergency Appliance repairs.

What is covered in our 8 week Karting course?

We start from the fundamentals and safety of karting. Then we cover racing lines, which is figuring out the fastest way to get around the track, and all-important braking techniques. Then we move on to race strategy & execution and cover how to work towards lap time consistency, practice some enduros with pit stops and rolling starts to test your racing readiness. Young Drivers Academy sessions are run on the Penrite Track, in the Sprint Karts. Given its Melbourne, we work on wet track skills & have a go at drift karting. Every week we start with a theoretical component, cover fitness with a track walk and exercises. Each session contains lots of driving with varying drills. At the end of term, parents will race it out in our guardians race, and we hold a presentation where everyone will receive a certificate.

Every week there is learning, practice & of course karting.

At the end of term presentation everyone will receive a certificate and trophy.


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The curriculum for the 8 weeks:

  • Safety
  • Racing Lines
  • Braking
  • Lap Consistency
  • Endurance Racing
  • Wet Driving
  • Race Starts

learn to race like a


This year we are introducing a brand new format for our under 18 go karters.Still called Young Driver’s Academy, it’s a program that will help build both their driving and racing skills on the Go Kart track.Whether you commit to the whole eight weeks or come casually for a couple of sessions, we know your teen’s racing ability is sure to improve.

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Young Drivers Academy
Young Drivers Academy

learn to race like a


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I’ve participated in Young Drive’s Academy before– should I sign up again?

We may be biased, but definitely yes! Every term will have new drills so there’ll be new things to learn. It is valuable to continue building on the skills, our YDA team spend time getting to know each competitor, so we have lots of repeat enrollments. from Plus practice makes perfect when it comes to shaving seconds off your PB lap time.

Does everyone receive a t-shirt?

If you’ve enrolled in the full eight-week term for the first time, then we’ll have a tee for you.

What’s the State of Origin Karting Competition?

Our YDA program is where the next generation of racing superstars start to learn their race craft, and it is a feeder to our junior race league starting in 2022. Your YDA experience may be followed up with some Elite Driver Coaching to find that last tenth.

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