4th Friday of Every Month

Endurance Championship for Kart Racing Fans

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Le Mans Enduro Championship

kart racing series

On the fourth Friday of every month, we run our Enduro nights.  Grab a karting mad mate and come down for at least 90 minutes of friendly, competitive fun.

Each two-person team drives a qualifier and an endurance race. With multiple pit stops, you can each get up to 45 minutes of driving time (that’s if you share the drive equally!) as you position yourselves to win.

The Enduro is mostly run on our Lakeside track in our Superkarts, though we are looking forward to changing the format throughout the year and keeping the series interesting for 2024!

The Le Mans Endurance Championship 2024 Racing Series is a 10 Round event held on the fourth Friday of every month Feb-Nov. Like our other racing leagues, the Enduro is attended by a group of like-minded Karters coming together for fun competitive racing. Registration closes at 6.45pm and racing gets underway soon after that. Most nights the event will wind up by 10pm.


There are strictly limited spots available for the Enduro races so please book in quickly to avoid missing out! 

The Le Mans Endurance Championship 2024 Racing Series runs as a race format, with a qualifying session followed by a race, but to keep things interesting the format will change from month to month.

Our monthly winners receive trophies during our famous podium presentation and of course all-important bragging rights. There is an Open & Heavy Division plus awards for Rookie of the Year, Sportsmanship and plenty of other prizes throughout the season.

2024 enduro championship

We encourage anyone with an interest in racing to join the series, we promote a fun, fair and safe racing environment for all participants and have a strong focus on building a community of people who love racing.

Round 1 | February 23rd, 2024

The 2.4 Hours of Le Mans – Opening Round!

Round 2 | March 22nd, 2024

10 Lap Quali + 90 minute Race

Round 3 | April 26th, 2024

5 Lap Quali 20 Lap Race 90 Min Enduro


Round 4 | May 24th, 2024 

10 Lap Quali 90 min Enduro


Round 5 | June 14th, 2024 

10 Lap Quali Top 10 Shootout Enduro 90 min


Round 6 | July 26th, 2024 

10 Lap Quali 2Hr Enduro


Round 7 | August 30th, 2024 

10 Laps Quali 90 Min Enduro

Round 8 | September 20th, 2024 

10 Lap Quali 90 min Race

Round 9 | October 25th, 2024 

Knockout Quali 5 laps 20p --> 15p --> 10p 90 Min Enduro

Round 10 | November 22nd, 2024 

10 Lap Quali 90 min Lakeside Reverse