Go Karting Tips & Tricks

drivers go karting on the track

Learn the correct Go Karting Technique with our Tips & Tricks

Fancy yourself as a bit of an F1 powerhouse like Lewis Hamilton or a Daniel Ricciardo? Maybe you’re more of a V8 Supercar superstar like Peter Brock or Craig Lowndes? Whoever the speed demon is that you want to drive like, you’ll be unbeatable on the track when you have our go karting tips on your side. From correct driving position to line speed, when to break and accelerate in turns and knowing the track inside out, we cover the basics for go karting.


Familiarise yourself with the track

The first thing you need to do is get some info on the track you’re racing on before you get there. If you want the advantage on your competition, this kind of research is imperative. It sounds like a lot to do, but winners make the effort to know what they are driving on. Most go karting centres will have a website or somewhere that you’ll be able to obtain track information. If you can start to visualise where the turns are and how you’ll be able to take them and at what speed, you’ll have a definite advantage going into a race. Once you’ve arrived at the track on the day, you’ll hopefully be able to get out in the go kart and do a few warm up laps to properly understand your race strategy.


Navigating your turns

Depending on what kind of go kart you’re in, the way you approach corners is something you must know how to do. Navigating the turns on the track is one of the most essential parts of go karting and it needs to be done right in order to keep you in the race. To get to the finish line in the most efficient way and beat your competition, you essentially need to take the shortest route. This means keeping your lines as straight as possible throughout the course, so your turns have to be perfectly focussed. Once you’ve familiar with the course and the types of turns, you can approach your best racing line with more speed and control. We can break down a turn into three parts: the outside (upon entry), the inside, and the outside again (the exit). Whether it’s a hairpin, a right angle or a dreaded double hairpin, you will be able to attack the turn with ease once you know the lines you can take.

The approach

When coming into a turn you must always do so from the outside of the track. If you get as close to the edge as possible, you will be able to hit the corner with the speed. As you’re moving to the edge of the track, you must maintain the highest speed you can before you can round the corner. Aim to brake as late as possible into the turn as acceleration is the key for keeping your position in a race. 

The apex

This is the point where you will need to have the most control as your go kart will be steered into a new direction. Try to make your line as straight as possible and ease off your accelerator and touch the brakes as required. Taking your foot off the accelerator may be all you need to reduce your speed enough to take the apex successfully. As you approach the corner this is when you start turning your steering wheel to redirect the kart. As you pass the apex, you should pump the accelerator and gain as much speed as quickly as possible.

The exit

When gaining momentum again out of the turn, you will want to have as much control over the go kart and this means coming out in a straight line. Again as you did on the way in, you need to keep to the outside edge of the track. In order to hold your position in the race, acceleration and timing through this part of the turn is imperative. Don’t be scared to put your foot down hard on the accelerator as soon as the turn is complete.


A few more go karting tips and tricks that will help your racing

Don’t lean in – You’re not riding a motorbike. If you lean into the apex of the turn in a go kart, it will place more pressure on the inside wheels and make it harder for you to turn and accelerate out. 

Look ahead – In a race scenario you will need to keep an eye on what’s going on ahead. You will be very close to the ground in a go kart so things will seem a lot faster. When you look to the horizon or the track ahead, things will appear slower which helps navigation and turning.

Sit straight – Your weight should be evenly distributed throughout the centre of the go kart. Sit square on in the seat so you’re able to turn your head easily and you don’t throw the equilibrium off.

One pedal at a time – As the accelerator and the brake are not located next to each other in a go kart, you will have them under each of your feet. Pressing both pedals at the same time will cause the go kart to spin out of control.


Our final go kart tip

HAVE FUN! For most people, go karting is a hobby. So let loose and don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Anger and stress will only slow you down and the aim here is to have the adrenaline rush of going fast!For more information on our go karting packages for parties, corporate events and more, get in touch with our team today.